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Posted by Christian Callec on zondag, april 8th, 2012

VIPAVSKA is absolutely one of the most beautiful and fascinating books over wine and gastronomy I ever saw. It is full of fabulous pictures over this microcosm called Vipava Valley in Slovenia. It is a much more than a guide to the wines and gastronomy treasures of this wild and beautiful valley; it is the visualized soul of Vipavska dolina, of the great people living there, in this narrow valley between the lowlands of Friuli and the Piedmont (Podnanos) of the Central Slovenian plateau (Nanos). The region is blessed by a mild Mediterranean climate and the warm and humid south-western wind from the Adriatic Sea making the Valley look like a paradise. But be aware, the place can turn into a haunted hell during the cold season, under the influence of another wind, the Burja (Bora), with gusts reaching easily 160-200 km/hour by temperatures around or below 0°C!

Vipavska Dolina (Vipava Valley) might be one of the most gorgeous and weird places to live in… There is so much to see, to listen to, to smell, to taste… so much that you need a lifetime to get into the real soul of the Valley.

Vipavski Kriz, Ptice - soncni zahod, © Marijan Mocivnik © Marijan Mocivnik, Studio Ajd

Well, thanks to the incredible great job of a bunch of crazy Vipava lovers around the REVIJA VINO team, you are now able to travel virtually to Vipava and have a fantastic sneak-preview of what you can expect there. I am proud and thankful to have received this tremendous book from my Vipava friends, the team behind the book: Jože Rozman and Marijan Močivnik.

It is a great honour for me to recommend this book to all lovers of authentic wine, food, culture and nature. Have a look HERE to get a small impression of what you can find in the book.

Marijan Močivnik is not only a very talented photographer; he is a visual troubadour, ambassador and above all an unconditional lover of his Vipavska Dolina… Years, even decades of photographic work in the fields and in his Studio Ajd, gave to this book a kind of supernatural inside and outside view of Vipava, a valley full of colours, scents and flavours.  This is indeed one of the most beautiful books I ever saw, a real masterpiece!


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