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Posted by Christian Callec on vrijdag, september 30th, 2011

The South-African STELLAR ORGANIC WINERY was the first winery ever certified for organic viticulture AND fair trade. Since 2004 STELLAR WINERY has been a member of Fairtrade/Max Havelaar under supervision of the FLO International institution. The primary goal was to build up a sustainable company, in balance with the Nature, but also to offer the winery workers a better chance to increase the quality of their life. The winery became a fair, social and sustainable example for all the surrounding communities. 7 years later, the goals are achieved. All became reality. STELLAR WINERY is grown up from a single winery with 5 organic working vine growers to a multi-estate with not less than 15 independent wine companies, all under fair trade control. That means that more and more workers are enjoying the positive effects of the fair trade sales.


By growing so fast, STELLAR WINERY was getting too big for the FLO Fairtrade system. They have now opted for a better solution for their goals, becoming member of the FAIR FOR LIFE system. This is a social and fair trade program of the Bio foundation (Bio Stiftung) certified by the Swiss Institute for Market Ecology, IMO (in German, Instituts für Markt Ökologie).


The FAIR FOR LIFE Social & Fair Trade certification guarantees that Human Rights have been respected and secured during the whole wine production process. Besides it guarantees also that the workers do get good and fair working conditions and a fair share of the profit. STELLAR WINERY contributes financially every year to offer their workers a better education, medical support and community facilities. Read more about it HERE

For more information about Fair For Life

In May 2011, TORRES SANTA DIGNA CHILE also joined the Fair for Life Institution… I published an article about it; you can read it HERE


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