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Posted by Christian Callec on vrijdag, januari 7th, 2011

Just received as always a nice newsletter from the ICEX… In the latest Boletin de Vinos de España, big news about a “revolutionary bottle”, created by no one less than the world-famous Bask 3* chef  MARTÍN BERASATEGUI. A total new system, the ‘Berasategui system’ to avoid wine sediments to be poured into your glass. This bottle received the ‘Oscar de l’emballage’ in Paris, for its innovation and functionality.


The ‘revolutionary’ bottle from Spain

You can read the whole article  HERE

Strange enough, I published on my blog on the 20th of Juli 2010 about my visit to a nice winery in UMBRIA (Italy). An article about TERRE DE LA CUSTODIA

If you scroll down nearly till the end, you can read:

NB: TERRE DE LA CUSTODIA uses a special bottle, very useful for sommeliers that do not have the time to decant a bottle. For explanations about SIBELLA, the exclusive bottle especially designed for TERRE DE LA CUSTODIA by TOSCA SIBELLA FARCHIONI, see the WEBSITE.


The Italian SIBELLA bottle

You can read the whole story of the SIBELLA bottle HERE

Quite a coincidence, isn’t it? Surely extra strange if you read that the design and manufacturing of this bottle has been patented.

You will admit, the Spanish bottle is slightly different, and the Italian is much more sophisticated…  But the similarity is quite big. I wonder what the Italian will have to say about that!


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