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Posted by Christian Callec on zondag, april 7th, 2013

Three days long, not less than 44,000 professional visitors from all over the world gathered at ProWein in Düsseldorf. This is good news for this very well organized wine fair in these difficult economic times: nearly 3,500 more visitors than in 2012, 4,783 exhibitors from 48 countries. (…) I spent a long time with old friends from Chile on the first and even second day, visited some USA, Portuguese, French, Italian, Lebanese, Slovenian and Greek stands in the last 2 days. I enjoyed it very much, especially because I had some beautiful and very enticing (re) discoveries! 


Chile had a big booth at ProWein, under the proChile flag. Besides, some companies also had their own stand. A quick round of impressions:


VIÑA GARCES SILVA – AMAYNA (Leyda): Great to meet Matías Garcés Silva for the first time! A very nice guy, open and listening, pretty well aware of what is going on in the world of wine. Amayna needs a strong PR figurehead. He told me, together with commercial director Fernando Vargas G. all about the new projects and the way things are improving with the year. I was already a fan of Amayna, but now, I am even more convinced about the quality of this very peculiar spot in Leyda Valley. This success story is just starting, mind my words!

The Sauvignon blanc 2012 *** is fuller bodied, warmer, fatter and more aromatic (great work on the lees!) than the previous vintages. 2012 was a sunny year and I could taste it! The Barrel Fermented Sauvignon blanc 2009 **** and Chardonnay 2010 **** are definitely great classic Leyda wines. Each new vintage from now on will be a surprise; the quality should increase constantly as the vines get older and can capture much more of the mineral spirit of Leyda. To keep the quality standards high, a new wine will be launched soon, a fresh, modern style wine from younger sauvignon blanc vines. I tasted it; that will be worth any peso! The most exciting for me was the evolution of the younger pinot noir and syrah wines. Very noticeable is the positive evolution in body and complexity of the Pinot Noir 2011*** and Syrah 2011 ***. I do believe that within 15 years, Amayna might have some of the very best pinot noir and syrah wines from Chile. The most important thing would be to respect the golden terroir they have bought. Leyda is not a terroir for ‘fat bastard’ wines, but for complex, elegant, mineral, fresh and fruity wines. Too much (new) oak will just blur and even worse delete all those intrinsic, distinctive qualities. Patience and moderation might be the more important clue to achieve this fantastic success story. P.S.: see about my last visit to Amayna: HERE and the last tasting: HERE

CASA MARÍN (San Antonio): Three visits to Casa Marín, two tastings with María Luz Marín, a chat and walk in the vineyards and cellars with Jamie Verbraak and/or Felipe Gonzalez, my heart and soul are full of this charming place and lovely people. It is always a great pleasure to visit the booth of Casa Marín wherever I can.

I tasted quickly all the wines: my favourite are still the Sauvignon blanc Los Cipreses ***(*) (the 2012 is a bit more influenced by the warm vintage year than the 2011 but both are excellent), the Cartagena Sauvignon blanc 2012 *** and the surprisingly fresh and aromatic Sauvignon gris 2012 ***. The Riesling Cartagena 2012 *** is good and really delicious, the Gewurztraminer seemed to have been so much appreciated that it was sold out (I couldn’t taste it); the Pinot noir 3 Viñedos 2011 *** is fresh, dry, fruity and juicy, the Pinot noir Lo Abarca 2009 ***(*) is a beauty, full, round, juicy, fruity and mineral, fresh enough despite the 15% alcohol by volume. I had some ‘momentum’ problem with the Miramar Syrah 2010 (?): it might have got a bad day… very spicy, herbaceous, animal… not my favourite at that time, but I tasted it before and it was much fresher, fruitier, smooth and well-balanced. I will need to taste it again. Thank you dear Jamie for the great hospitality!

Jamie Verbraak (right) at the Casa Marín booth with Filip Verheyden (left)

PÉREZ CRUZ (Maipo): I just brought a visit to one of my favourite wineries from Chile and have a short chat with Felipe Valenzuela Haeussler, Export Director Europe & Asia. I love the wines of this winery; they all have that typical freshness, purity and minerality that I look for in wine. See about my last tasting: HERE and about my last visit: HERE.

There was a new wine to taste, just released… Always good to try! This Pircas de Liguai Single Collección Cabernet sauvignon 2010 *** is absolutely a worthy member of the great Pérez Cruz wine family! And really affordable! It will be soon available in the Netherlands at Sligro. I hardly can wait!

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