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Born French, I also have Spanish and Italian roots. Because of my father’s work, I travelled quite a lot all around the world in my youth. This gave me a wonderful experience and a great interest for different cultures and peoples. It showed me how beautiful the world can be when you just do your best to be part of it. Some years after my lyceum in France, I moved to the Netherlands in 1978 where I am still living now. I became Dutch citizen in 1985.

During my 4th year at the University in Nijmegen, an economic crisis forced me to change my plans.  I decided then to make work from my passion for food & beverages. I started at the Dutch Wine Museum in Arnhem in 1983 were I found my way in the world of wine, spirits and gastronomy in the Netherlands.

From 1984 to 1991 I worked as VRP Wines, Spirits (and delicatessen) for different Dutch and international companies. Besides selling, I was also promoting my products on fairs and at the point of sales. I was in charge of big promotion budgets, press-contacts, advertising, event organisation and much more.

In 1992 I switched to marketing & merchandising of French products in the Dutch Horeca/CHR, working for the French export and promotion bureau SOPEXA. I learned a lot about marketing, budget management, promotion, public-relations and press-contact during that year.

I became self-employed writer in 1996 and published 3 books: 1 small, 1 big Wine Encyclopaedia and 1 Cheese Encyclopaedia. The big Wine Encyclopaedia was a worldwide hit, translated in many languages; it won the 2003 Gourmand Award of Best Wine Educative Book of the World. I wrote hundreds of articles for different magazines, as well for consumers as for professionals (CHR/Horeca, Wholesalers, Retail…) in the Netherlands and Belgium. Besides writing, I also translated wine/spirits/gourmet products technical sheets, promotion leaflets and even menu cards from Michelin star restaurants (NL>F). I worked as well as free-lance consultant for some Dutch wine importers, and as helpful link between foreign wine or food producers and Dutch importers.

As writer/photographer, I would of course certainly love to write new books about wine & gastronomy; that is one of my priority goals in 2013. If you are a – serious – publisher with a worldwide network, please feel free to contact me by m@il I would be delighted to become your writer!

I am also open for new challenges:

scouting of wine and food for European importers / finding interesting and interested Dutch importers for wine and food producers

translating websites, promotion documents, technical sheets (…) from French, English, Spanish to Dutch / translating and/or correcting websites, promotion documents, technical sheets (…) fromFrench to Duch, especially for small, human sized, wellness and organic/biodynamic food/wine producers

–  public relations / promotions officer for ‘green’ organisations on international fairs

–  travelling and checking accommodations like restaurants and hotels (mystery guest) / mystery guest, writer for food & wine retail

store-checks in the Netherlands (retail, wholesale, wine & food) for foreign producers/organisations


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Christian Callec, Wine & Gastronomy Press


CMB Concours_Mondial_logo

Membre du jury du Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Maastricht 2007, Bordeaux 2008, Valencia 2009, Palermo 2010, Luxembourg 2011,

Guimarães 2012, Bratislava 2013, Brussels 2014, Jesolo 2015,

CMB Brasil 2008

CMB Chile 2008-2009-2010 vinos

CMB Chile 2008- 2009-2010 productos gourmet (jury president)

Member of international jury Czech Winemaker of the Year competition 2012

Member of international jury Georgian wine competition 2006, 2011

Member of international jury Vinul.Ro Excellence Awards 2011

Jury member Terravino 2008, Eilat, Israel

Membre du jury du Concours des Vins de Provence 2008




The Complete Encyclopaedia of Wine (Rebo International-NL)

This book has been translated in many languages

Arnhem – NL –


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