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Posted by Christian Callec on maandag, maart 12th, 2012

Source: Vitisphère

The appellation MAURY was reserved until now for naturally sweet red wines. From now on, producers may use the MAURY appellation for their DRY WINES made in the same appellation area, starting from the 2011 harvest. This means that the very first MAURY SEC wines might be released in April 2012.

The conditions for claiming the MAURY SEC appellation are the same as for the sweet MAURY. The grapes may only come from 4 municipalities (Maury, Tautavel, Saint-Paul and Rassiguères), the yields are limited to 40 hl/ha and a minimum of 60% Grenache Noir is required as well as a minimum of 2 grape varieties in the blend. The final wine must have at least 6 months of maturation. On the label, the SEC (dry) mention is compulsory.

It sounds quite plausible that this wishful thinking move might have been taken as a reaction against the international collapsing of the natural sweet wines market. The future will tell us, but I am quite sceptical about it.  Until now, around 15 producers intend to launch a MAURY SEC. This would represent about one third of the actual production of sweet Maury. What’s the next step? May be a dry white Maury? Just like the ‘competilleagues’ from Banyuls/Collioure?

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