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Posted by Christian Callec on dinsdag, april 10th, 2012

On April 2nd, the Dutch importer COENECOOP (part of DELTA WINES) was holding a special wine tasting inside the huge Delta Wines offices, storage and distribution building. Leitmotiv of this tasting was: “Naturally more… Spring”. Most of the presented wines were… ‘green’ wines, from ‘environment respectful’ to organic (bio) and biodynamic.

Spanish temperament: Just to get sure I made no mistake, I just tasted again 2 basic wines of BODEGAS AZUL Y GARANZA from Terra Alta/Montsant… No doubt about it, both CABIROL wines, the white GARNATXA BLANCA-MACABEU 2010 and the red GARNATXA-TEMPRANILLO 2009 are simply incredibly gorgeous for their money… (Around € 8.25!!!) Warmly recommended!

Azul y Garanza

I quickly taste again the 3 wines from SITIOS DE BODEGA (RUEDA)… The MENADE SAUVIGNON DULCE 2009 (€ 10.75) is very well made and lovely tasty, but still not my absolute favourite from this fantastic young winery. Rueda means for me VERDEJO and these guys do produce really fantastic wines from this emblematic grape: MENADE VERDEJO 2010 (€ 8.75) and the superior and irresistibly sexy and classy V3 VERDEJO 2008 (€ 23.75). See also my earlier comments on this winery HERE and HERE .

New in Coenocoop’s assortment, but already very well-known and highly appreciated in the Netherlands thanks to the wonderful pioneer work of Marco Meeuwsen (La Gironde wine import). Unfortunately, this great guy with a warm heart and fine nose for good wines had to slow down a bit in his crazy busy life. It must be hard to let your own wine ‘baby’ go, but I am sure Coenecoop will continue the great job Marco Meeuwsen started with… Marco even produced HIS wines from selected plots, following his own ideas, not sparely bringing the Castaño people into total despair… But the results of Marco’s MMMMM wines in white, red and even rosé did convince them after all. Yes indeed, Marco Meeuwsen Made Marvellous Monastrell or Macabeo wines… (In Dutch, the real name was Marco Meeuwsen Maakt Mooie Monastrell or Macabeo wines). I tasted again the very complex and mineral white MMMMMACABEO 2007 and the powerful red MMMMMONASTRELL 2008 (both around € 14.25 as long as they are available)… A kind of warm nostalgic feeling and personal thoughts overpowered me…  Good luck Marco, you surely deserve it!

I paid attention to the rest of the BODEGA CASTAÑO assortment, now overtaken by Coenecoop. The basic range DOMINIO ESPINAL (Macabeo blanco, Monastrell rosado, Monastrell tinto) is very interesting for the great value/price ratio (€ 5.75) but I absolutely preferred the higher range under the CASTAÑO TRADICIÓN FAMILIAR brand; especially the well-balanced, gastronomic MACABEO-CHARDONNAY 2011 and the full-bodied, juicy, mineral and tannic MONASTRELL ECOLOGICO 2010 (both € 7.75). My favourite in the whole assortment of dry wines was another red Monastrell, with a total other style, much more modern, fresh, fruity, round, elegant and sensual, powerful but not too heavy or over-concentrated… HÉCULA 2009 (€ 17.95). It might be a bit more difficult to sell (surely with the new look reminding me the undefined Spanish plonk – but tasty – wine my grandpa was buying more than 30 years ago in the Spanish ‘ventas’ just across the border). I absolutely preferred the previous ‘look’, more classy and more in balance with the quality (and price level) of this wonderful wine!


My all-round favourite in this Castaño tasting was the MONASTRELL DULCE 2009 (€ 17.95): 16% alcohol by volume but it won’t burn… Perfectly balanced (sweetness, freshness, fruitiness, alcohol, tannins), very rich but not syrupy, complex, sensual and absolutely gorgeous! A must for every restaurant (and home chefs and wine lovers!).

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