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Posted by Christian Callec on maandag, april 9th, 2012

On April 2nd, the Dutch importer COENECOOP (part of DELTA WINES) was holding a special wine tasting inside the huge Delta Wines offices, storage and distribution building. Leitmotiv of this tasting was: “Naturally more… Spring”. Most of the presented wines were… ‘green’ wines, from ‘environment respectful’ to organic (bio) and biodynamic. The gross of the visitors was coming from the special wine shop sector. As always, the organization was perfect, the temperature of the wines pretty close to perfect and the ambiance was great: informal, hearty but definitely professional. This time no ‘face-to-face’ greet-meet-taste but a straight presentation of worthy good wines, mostly with a green added value. Thanks Coenecoop for being ‘naturally’ good, no need for showing off tricks, the quality of the wine assortment shows by itself.

CoenecoopCoenecoop2012-spring-tastingHearty ambiance…


Coenecoop2012-spring-tasting… but definitely professionally too!

Nearly 100 wines to celebrate Spring

Nearly 100 wines from 30 wineries, coming from 11 countries in decreasing order: France, Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Portugal, South Africa, Germany, Austria and Romania. Among all those wine companies, many were already part of the Coenecoop portfolio; a few were new… even for me too. Regarding the leitmotiv of the tasting “Naturally more… Spring”, not all the presented wines matched the fresh, fruity and light image one might have of ‘spring wine’. Who cares? I didn’t taste all the 98 wines because I tasted many of them earlier last year and I didn’t expect a huge change in the wines in the meantime. I focussed on new wines and/or biodynamic wines, the last because they are more ‘alive’ than traditional wines and can show different facets from one tasting to the other.

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