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Posted by Christian Callec on dinsdag, september 24th, 2013

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I walked along the ODFJELL table and I wouldn’t have tried anything there if I wouldn’t have been gently invited to by Patricio Anganoa. I told him that I visited ODFJELL and that I had some mixed feelings about their wines. No problem with the quality of the grapes, but the style of the wines I tasted there was still too ‘old-fashioned’ American blockbuster style. The use of oak was simply terrible and killing all the fruit, freshness and finesse of the wines, except for the top wines who had more complexity and could have that oak… but it was definitely not my style of winemaking. Patricio laughed softly and invited me to taste new wines, made by their French winemaker Arnaud Hereu. I met Arnaud during the visit at Odfjell and I remember that he was quite agreeing about the overdone oak use. 

I have to admit that it was delightful to taste those younger vintages at this Chilean Wines on Tour 2013! Much more fresh fruitiness (not the old jammy / raisiny one up to 2006 and even 2007), more juiciness, much better balance, more mineral tones, much more subtle use of oak, more purity and elegance. Absolutely astonishing in a very positive way!

I was also surprised to hear about a Demeter certification for biodynamic viticulture at Odfjell! That, combined to the change of winemaker, a French one instead of an American, might explain a lot… Whatever it might be, this is a great move for Odfjell! Very impressive!

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