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Posted by Christian Callec on dinsdag, september 24th, 2013

Like in the past years, some 20 Chilean wineries came to the Netherlands to let the press, trade, sommeliers, wine teachers etc (re)discover about 200 wines within 5 hours. It was hard work, but if you love Chilean wines, it is always a great pleasure to meet and greet the winemakers and/or export managers of all those wineries. Great news this year was to have Aurelio Montes Sr. as host and vice-president of the Wines of Chile association. Believe me; this is going to kick some asses in Chile and far outside! Don Aurelio told me a few of his plans, and he is quite a bit more ambitious than all his predecessors. I certainly do hope he will be able to achieve all those plans. It was fantastic to chat with him for a while. I still have great memories of my two visits at Montes Winery in Chile and one visit at Montes Kaiken in Argentina. Who knows me a little bit, knows that I do have a crush with the hyper sensual FOLLY syrah of this great winery, with as second favourite PURPLE ANGEL top-carmenère. (Please read this article about Don Aurelio Montes Sr. and his plans!  And also of course this article at the WINES OF CHILE website)


Because I tasted many of the wines of this event during the last PROWEIN, I could focus on some wineries. I passed this time on the nice wine ranges of ANAKENA, said hello to my lovely good friend Marcela Molina from CALCU (soon more about CALCU and MAQUIS wines on my web log, thanks to a private sending at home), passed as well CASAS DEL BOSQUE (I like very much their ‘Pequeñas producciones’ range, great value and character for money!), CONCHA Y TORO (had an interesting chat with Albert Neumark from Chacalli Fine Wines, CYT importer in Benelux), was not really inspired by VIÑA SAN PEDRO, ARESTI / ESPÍRITU DE CHILE, nor by VIÑA LA ROSA, MAOLA WINES, SANTA ALICIA, VALDIVIESO (my favourite was Eclat Vigno, but I tasted the 2009 so often before) and VISTAMAR. Unfortunately, I couldn’t greet another charming good friend, Andrea Ilabaca from MONTGRAS PROPERTIES (she was presenting the wines at the Open Day of their Dutch importer Fourcroy NL), but I knew the wines (I love their NINQUEN ANTU, especially the syrah!). I brought a short friendly visit to the MONTES table and had some chat about the Dutch market with Eduardo Stark and the Dutch representatives from Verbunt Wijnkopers. Because they didn’t have my favourite wine, FOLLY SYRAH, I just didn’t taste anything… Just joking, I was planning to do it at the end of the day (surely for a sip a my other favourite wines of this house, PURPLE ANGEL and OUTER LIMITS CARIGNAN/GRENACHE/MOURVÈDRE from Apalta/Colchagua Valley), but I met Don Aurelio Montes Sr. just after I tasted the biodynamic wines of Emiliana with Alvaro Espinoza and I preferred to have a nice chat with this great pioneer of the Chilean wine industry. The MORANDÉ stand was too busy when I was there but I know their wines and consider this winery as one of the best value for money in Chile.

I noticed sadly that SANTA CAROLINA doesn’t have yet an importer in the Netherlands, what a shame… All their wines have a great value and pleasure ratio for money, especially my favorite range Santa Carolina SPECIALTIES (I love the Carignan and the Mourvèdre!) and all their toppers from the Reserva de Familia, the VSC and Herencia). The stands of SANTA RITA and TARAPACÁ were very busy (always a good sign, surely at TARAPACÁ, thanks to the charisma of their Dutch importer, good old Leo van Turnhout from Vinée Wijnimport), too busy for me at that moment, next time better.

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