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Posted by Christian Callec on zaterdag, oktober 20th, 2012

A legend from the Talmud pretends that when the Devil saw Noah planting his vineyard, he made a deal with him. The Devil poured lamb, lion, monkey and pig blood on the ground and said:

“When man will eat the fruits of the vineyard, he will be as gentle as a lamb; if he drinks the wine made from it, he will believe to be strong as a lion; if he abuses, he will start making crazy faces like a monkey; if he goes on abusing regularly, he will behave rudely like a pig.”

Even the Koran seems to mention that “there is a Devil in every berry of the grape”.

God and Devil together, grapes are in their composition pretty close to mother milk. They bring quantity of active processes, vitamins A, B1, B9, C, glucose, fructose, potassium, manganese, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron oxide, chlorine, silica, phosphoric acid and iodine. Once transformed in wine, the grapes conserve their active processes. It is even recommended, especially in red en in moderate daily doses, to heart patients, people under high stress or with stomach or intestinal infection problems. But the Devil is always in the bottle and laughs in advance to the one who will abuse…  Enjoy life, enjoy wine, but of course, always with moderation!

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