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Posted by Christian Callec on woensdag, februari 1st, 2012

Memories of a fantastic visit at QUINTA DO NOVAL, years ago…

I still feel the warmth, the cooling wind and shadow on the fabulous terrace with a marvellous view… I can smell the freshly harvested grapes crushed by feet in the granite ‘lagares’, day and night… I can hear the songs and the music of the crushers, first fast, than slower and slower until the sun shines and a new team replaces them…

I can smell and taste the gorgeous port wines, the old vintages and colheitas… till late in the night. I start to salivate only thinking of the delicious freshly roasted and salted almonds we had daily at the aperitif with Christian Seely, not forgetting the delightfully refreshing long drinks made of white port on the rocks, lime juice and Schweppes tonic (if I remember well)… I can hear the passionate stories of Christian Seely


I remember the great boat trip on the Douro, like a kaleidoscope of picturesque vineyards, landscapes and quintas… I will never forget those millions of tiny red spiders ‘flying’ over the Douro from one side to the other…

I do remember as well the visits to the high altitude vineyards… Not only because of the altitude and incredible panoramas… also because of the slightly sadistic laugh of our host, Christian Seely, when he was driving us (well, low-flying might be more appropriate) safely but quite fast with his old Landrover over the long, narrow and winding goat tracks he dared to call ‘dirt roads’… I remember our faces growing whiter, our stomach acting like an elevator – up and down, our eyes remaining steadily wide open when the car was running on 3 wheels in the turns with a 300-400 m deep chasm under the 4th wheel…

Indeed memories for ever… Quinta do Noval with the world famous pre-phylloxera NACIONAL vineyard, the olive and almond trees, the pigs, the birds, the view (…) is definitely a magical place.

YOU can experience it too, by bringing a virtual visit to QUINTA DO NOVAL on their



Just click on the picture and enjoy this beautiful film about the quinta!


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